Past Woman of Vision


Jen Panteluk, Jr. Achievement President & CEO

April Eve Wiberg, indigenous advocate

Nancy McClure, Canada’s 150th Anniversary Arctic Aviation Tour

Courtney Mageau, drag racer

Sheila Hamilton, organic farmer

Jodi Abbott, CEO of Norquest College

Dr. Kathryn Dong, Royal Alexandra Hospital emergency physician

Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg & Berk

Marie Whelan, Canadian Prinicpal of the Year

Annie Dugan, acrobatic artist, trainer and founder of Firefly Theatre

Alice Major, poet and author


Dr Shawna Pandya, citizen astronaut

Hailey Benedict, 13 year old country singer

Kathy Playdon, sheep herder

Gail Sobat, Director, YouthWrite

Kathleen Todoruk, Todoruk Designs

Susan Darrington, GM, Rogers Place

Jen Kish, Olympian OR Captain of the Olympic Bronze Medal Canadian Rugby Team

Dr. Sangita (Gita) Sharma, Endowed Chair, Indigenous Health, UofA

Lisa Holmes, Mayor, Town of Morinville; President, AUMA

Patricia (Pat) Bourne, CEO, Equs

Kyla Kazeil, entrepreneur

Kim Campbell (The Right Honourable), Former Prime Minister; Founding Principal, Peter Lougheed Leadership College


Nora Furber, Monjeloco Jeans

Harriet Tinka, Empowered Youth

Leanna Carriere, Penthathlete

Mary Bailey, founder/Publisher, The Tomato Food and Drink Magazine

Linda Johnson, President/Operations Manager, Black Swan Helicopters

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

Dolores Eaton, CEO, Ivis Inc.

Dr. Ibolja Cernak, UofA Military Chair

Lisa Standeven, World Para-Taekwondo Champion

Ashley Callingbull, Mrs Universe

Marnie Ashcroft, Founder, Glow Juicery

Jane Alexander, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton

Kendra Kincade, air traffic controller


Lynne-Marie Postovit: Associate Professor, Cancer Researcher

Wendy Hollo: Founder/Executive Director, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
Vickie Kaminski: CEO, Alberta Health Services

Marianne Ryan: Alberta RCMP Deputy Commissioner

Tam Andersen: Owner, Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm

Trudy Taphorn: Founder, Blue Suede Music Festival

Dawn Harsch: Founder, ExquisiCare

Maureen Bianchini Purvis: Founder, No Stone Left Alone

Marguerite Trussler: Alberta Ethics Commissioner

Linda Tyler:  Founder, Dance Moves

Jacqueline Jacek: Owner, Jacek Chocolates Couture


Kaetlyn Osmond, 2013 National Senior Women’s Figure Skating Champion

Dr. Heidi Janz, Advocate for the Disabled

Megan Engel, Rhodes Scholar

Shara Vigeant, SVP Personal Trainer

Giselle Courteau, The Duchess Bake Shop

Lynn Hamilton, Entrepreneur/Lawyer/Adventurer

Amy Quon, The Quon Dynasty & restaurant entrepreneur

Justine & Kendall Barber, Poppy Barley

Captain (Navy) Rebecca Patterson

Carrie Langevin, Mother Earth Essentials

Sophie Serafino, musician

Chief Justice Catherine Fraser, Court of Appeal


Danielle Peers, Wheelchair Basketball World Champion

Katherine (Kathy) Dekker, Principal, St Francis of Assisi Elementary School

Louise Dirks, Owner, Gravity Pope

Claire Carefoot, Director, Buffalo Sage Healing Centre for Aboriginal women; Native Counseling Service of Alberta

Kim Blomme, Founder, Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton

Carrol Deen, Co-Founder/Producer/Owner, Molson Blues Festival

Christy Morin, Founder, Arts on the Ave

Dr. Vivian K. Mushahwar, Biomedical Engineer

Danielle Campbell, EPS Deputy Chief

Cheryl Schneider, No More Excuses

Jodee Prouse, owner, Baubles, Bags & Bows as well as Happy Hippo

Amanda Welliver, President/Founder, Paradigm Esteem


Roxanne Ulanicki, Founder, I-Dance and Beyond Barriers

Pat Campbell, Publisher, Grass Roots Boks

Donna Zazulak, President, Zazulak Marketing & Communications Inc.

Suzanne Bryson, owner, Stonecountry Farm

Colleen Biggs, TK Ranch

Sandra Sing Fernandes, Executive Producer & Creative Director, Western Canada Fashion Week

Eva Bostrand, Storefront Studio & Music School

Sister Annata Brockman

Danielle Lowe, Country Singer

Nancy Fares, President & CEO, Micralyne

Corinne (Corry) Frost, CODE

Dr. Anny Sauvageau, Alberta’s Chief Medical Examiner