Celebrating inspirational women in the Edmonton area

We look for women who inspire us and whose stories we believe will inspire others

2020 WOV Recipient HS pics BELLA
2020 WOV Recipient HS pics CATHERINE
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Brenda Lucki

Canada’s first permanent female Commissioner

She’s considered a cop’s cop with an innate ability to connect with the rank & file. But Brenda Lucki has faced unprecedented challenges as head of the RCMP. Lesley MacDonald has the story of this month’s Global News Woman of Vision.

Koleya Karringten

This month’s Global Edmonton Woman of Vision Koleya Karringten has developed an eco-friendly technology that she’s been adapting to a number of industries. It’s a new idea on an old technology that her father first came up with. She’s motivated by carrying on his legacy and her own mission to heal the planet. Lesley MacDonald has her story.

Heather Nedohin

They’ve often been referred to as Canadian curling royalty. Heather Nedohin is a two-time Canadian champion and her husband David is a world champion of the Ferbey four fame. Now, Heather is building a legacy off the ice as well. Lesley MacDonald has the story of this month’s Global News Woman of Vision.

Connie Stacey

It started out as hobby and grew into a global mission. This month’s Woman of Vision is the inventor of a new source of clean energy. Lesley MacDonald has Connie Stacey’s story.

Bella Morrisseau Whiskeyjack

Bella Morrisseau Whiskeyjack is our youngest Woman of Vision yet. Bella loves ballet, taekwondo and watching TV with her brother. But not that long ago, life was very different for Bella and that, she believes, isn’t right. Lesley MacDonald has her story.

Kathy Stewart RCMP Helicopter Pilot

Kathy Stewart doing police work from the air and shares the challenges she faced as a woman trying to make it in aviation.

Verna Yiu

Dr. Verna Yiu, the president and CEO of Alberta Health Services.

Renee Charbonneau

A Grande Prairie resident who is a powerhouse in Alberta’s biking community.

Dr. Patricia Massicotte

She’s not what you’d expect from a doctor. She doesn’t wear a white coat and she prefers to be called by her first name. That’s because of the patients she serves.


  • Cecile Bukmeier, Auto Body Technician, NAIT instructor
  • Bean Gill & Nancy Morrow, Cofounders, ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre
  • Annette Loiselle, Artistic Director, SkirtsAfire Festival


Marie Whelan, Canadian Principal of the Year
Annie Dugan, acrobatic artist, trainer and founder of Firefly Theatre
Alice Major, poet and author
Veronica Ryl, paramedic, adventure traveler
Marni Panas, Senior Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion, Alberta Health Services
Stephanie Bach, Chief Scientific Officer, NutraPonics Canada Corporation
Shirley Benson, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services district chief
Blue Kettle, MAIN CONTACT: Carol (President)
Audrey Poitras, President, The Metis Nation of Alberta
Chau Lui, Director of Operations, Paris Jewellers
Rosella Bjornson, Canada’s first female airline pilot
Dr. Michiko Maruyama, Cardiac Surgery resident & toy designer


  • Lisa Holmes, Mayor, Town of Morinville; President, AUMA
  • Patricia (Pat) Bourne, CEO, Equs
  • Kyla Kazeil, entrepreneur
  • Kim Campbell, (The Right Honourable) Former Prime Minister; Founding Principal, Peter Lougheed Leadership College
  • Jen Panteluk, Junior Achievement and Tri-Athlete
  • April Eve Wiberg, Stolen Sisters
  • Nancy McClure, Canada’s 150th Anniversary Arctic Aviation Tour
  • Courtney Mageau, drag racer
  • Sheila Hamilton, organic farmer
  • Jodi Abbott, CEO of Norquest College
  • Dr. Kathryn Dong, Royal Alexandra Hospital emergency physician
  • Rachel Mielke, CEO of Hillberg & Berk


Ashley Callingbull, Mrs. Universe
Marnie Ashcroft, Founder, Glow Juicery
Jane Alexander, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton
Kendra Kincade, air traffic controller
Dr. Shawna Pandya, citizen astronaut
Hailey Benedict, 13 year old country singer
Kathy Playdon, sheepherder
Gail Sobat, Director, YouthWrite
Kathleen Todoruk, Todoruk Designs
Susan Darrington, GM, Rogers Place
Jen Kish, Olympian OR Captain of the Olympic Bronze Medal Canadian Rugby Team
Dr. Sangita (Gita) Sharma, Endowed Chair, Indigenous Health, UofA


  • Linda Tyler, Founder, Dance Moves
  • Jacqueline Jacek, Owner, Jacek Chocolates Couture
  • 20 Years of Recipients
  • Nora Furber, Monjeloco Jeans
  • Harriet Tinka, Empowered Youth
  • Leanna Carriere, Pentathlete
  • Mary Bailey, founder/Publisher, The Tomato Food and Drink Magazine
  • Linda Johnson, President/Operations Manager, Black Swan Helicopters
  • Alberta Premier Rachel Notley
  • Dolores Eaton, CEO, Ivis Inc.
  • Dr. Ibolja Cernak, UofA Military Chair
  • Lisa Standeven, World Para-Taekwondo Champion


  • Carrie Langevin, Mother Earth Essentials
  • Sophie Serafino, musician
  • Chief Justice Catherine Fraser, Court of Appeal
  • Lynne-Marie Postovit, Associate Professor, Cancer Researcher
  • Wendy Hollo, Founder/Executive Director, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
  • Vickie Kaminski, CEO, Alberta Health Services
  • Marianne Ryan, Alberta RCMP Deputy Commissioner
  • Tam Andersen, Owner, Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm
  • Trudy Taphorn, Founder, Blue Suede Music Festival
  • Dawn Harsch, Founder, ExquisiCare
  • Maureen Bianchini Purvis, Founder, No Stone Left Alone
  • Marguerite Trussler, Alberta Ethics Commissioner


  • Cheryl Schneider, No More Excuses
  • Jodee Prouse, owner, Baubles, Bags & Bows as well as Happy Hippo
  • Amanda Welliver, President/Founder, Paradigm Esteem
  • Kaetlyn Osmond, 2013 National Senior Women's Figure Skating Champion
  • Dr. Heidi Janz, Advocate for the Disabled
  • Megan Engel, Rhodes Scholar
  • Shara Vigeant, SVP Personal Trainer
  • Giselle Courteau, The Duchess Bake Shop
  • Lynn Hamilton, Entrepreneur/Lawyer/Adventurer
  • Amy Quon, The Quon Dynasty & restaurant entrepreneur
  • Justine & Kendall Barber, Poppy Barley
  • Captain (Navy) Rebecca Patterson


Nancy Fares, President & CEO, Micralyne
Corinne (Corry) Frost, CODE
Dr. Anny Sauvageau, Alberta’s Chief Medical Examiner
Danielle Peers, Wheelchair Basketball World Champion
Katherine (Kathy) Dekker, Principal, St Francis of Assisi Elementary School
Louise Dirks, Owner, Gravity Pope
Claire Carefoot, Director, Buffalo Sage Healing Centre for Aboriginal women; Native Counseling Service of Alberta
Kim Blomme, Founder, Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton
Carrol Deen, Co-Founder/Producer/Owner, Molson Blues Festival
Christy Morin, Founder, Arts on the Ave
Dr. Vivian K. Mushahwar, Biomedical Engineer
Danielle Campbell, EPS Deputy Chief


  • Nida Farooqui, Co-Founder, The Mosquers
  • Junetta Jamerson, Gospel Singer, Anti-Racism Advocate
  • Jane Simington, Founder, Taking Flight International
  • Roxanne Ulanicki, Founder, I-Dance and Beyond Barriers
  • Pat Campbell, Publisher, Grass Roots Books
  • Donna Zazulak, President, Zazulak Marketing & Communications Inc.
  • Suzanne Bryson, owner, Stonecountry Farm
  • Colleen Biggs, TK Ranch
  • Sandra Sing Fernandes, Executive Producer & Creative Director, Western Canada Fashion Week
  • Eva Bostrand, Storefront Studio & Music School (Ava Boss-sTRand)
  • Sister Annata Brockman
  • Danielle Lowe, Country Singer


  • Karmen Masson, Founder/Executive Director, Suit Yourself
  • Barbara Poole, philanthropist
  • Jamie Sale, Figure Skating Gold Medalist
  • Sandra Wilkes, Play Therapist (DECEASED)
  • Viviane Forest, Paralympics Gold Medalist
  • Iris Evans, Politician
  • Jan Folk, The Orange Dog
  • Rhea March, Founder, U22 Productions
  • Jane Hurl, Wild Pink Yonder
  • Shirley Serviss, Poet/Writer
  • Claire Clark, Executive Director, Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association
  • Gerda Vandenhaak, Founder, Children of Light


  • Linda Cundy, Deaf Advocate
  • Nora Bumanis, Principal Harpist, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Joanne Cave, Founder/Program Director, Ophelia’s Voice
  • Stephanie McDonald, Executive Director, Edmonton Humane Society
  • Maxine Lecky, Owner/Principal, Lecky School of Dancing
  • Jujie Luan, Fencing Gold Medalist
  • Angela Santiago, CEO, Little Potato Company
  • Tamara Brown, Co-Founder, Ever Green Ecological Services Inc.
  • Karen Mottershead, Executive Director, TERRA - Centre for Pregnant & Parenting Teens
  • Dr. Kelly Dabbs, breast cancer surgeon
  • Ronda Bedard, United Way speaker
  • Stasia Nawrocki, owner of Dansk Gifts


  • Sheila Either, Blankets of Love Foundation
  • Bretta Gerecke, Theatre designer
  • Tanya Ponich, Special Needs Advocate
  • Glori Meldrum, Founder/Chair, Little Warriors
  • Stella Rago, Operations/Marketing Manager, Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group
  • Sylvia Christensen, President/Co-Founder, Second Chance Animal Rescue Society
  • Elizabeth George, Owner/Co-Founder, Parkland Farm Equipment
  • Marlene Wiig, Adventure Racer
  • Joan Petrowski, Thoroughbred Racing Trainer
  • Jessie Radies, Founder of Original Fare & Keep Edmonton Original; Co-Owner, Blue Pear Restaurant
  • Jane Halford, CEO/Executive Director, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta
  • Carole Roy, Cancer Survivor


  • Wendy Edey, Director of Counseling, Hope Foundation of Alberta
  • Muriel Stanley Venne, Founder/President, The Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women
  • Janaya Ellis, Singer/Songwriter, Souljah Fyah reggae band
  • Victoria Matthews, Anglican Bishop
  • Jackie-Rae Greening, President, Worlds Host Committee, Men’s Curling Championships
  • Denise Carpenter, Senior VP, Government and Public Affairs, EPCOR
  • Michelle Kropp, President/Executive Director, Hearts and Hooves Edmonton
  • Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal City Columnist
  • Bernie Kollman, 2007 United Way Campaign Chair; Vice President, Public Sector Alberta, IBM Canada Ltd.; General Manager Edmonton, IBM Canada Ltd.
  • Karen Simmons, Founder/CEO Autism Today
  • Shelley Williams, Executive Director, Bissell Centre
  • Heather Johnson, founder, Cantilon Choirs


Jelena Mrdjenovich, boxer
Sandra Brenneis, Mary’s Veil
Melissa Blake, Mayor, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Jennifer Heil, skier (Olympic Gold Medalist)
Sandra Woitas, Educator
JudyLynn Archer, Executive Director, Women Building Futures & The Fix It Chicks
Sandra Bromley, Artist
Susan Green, Social Entrepreneur
Marilyn Peckett, Superintendent, Elk Island National Park
Kerrie Long, GM, Edmonton International Film Festival
Alexandra Senkow, Fitness Director/Owner, Defining Eve
Deb Cautley, Executive Director, Youth Emergency Shelter Society


  • Shirley Long, Mammography Consulting Services Ltd.
  • Dr. Adriana A. Davies, founding Executive Director, Heritage Community Foundation
  • Aysha Wills, Higher Ground (tsunami fundraiser)
  • Emma Scott, bridal fashion designer
  • Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn, artist (Art by Larisa)
  • Sharon MacLean, Publisher, Edmontonians Magazine
  • Nicole Poirier, Sport Director, 2005 World Masters Games
  • Jan Henderson, clowning
  • Shauna Seneca, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, Bent Arrow Spiritual Healing Society (DECEASED)
  • Pierrette Requier, author, poet, counselor
  • Cathy Roozen, Cathton Holdings Ltd.
  • Bev Halisky, Driving Miss Daisy


  • Maureen McCaw, Chair, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce 2004 and President, Criterion Research
  • Harriet Winspear, Philanthropist
  • Dr. Susan Moisey, Associate Professor, Athabasca University
  • Dr. Dru Marshall, Associate Dean, Academic, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
  • Yvonne Chiu, Co-Executive Director of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op
  • Nicolette Saina, President/Executive Producer, Imagi-Nation Film & Television Productions Inc.
  • Shelley Switzer, Producer, International Street Performer’s Festival
  • Teresa Spinelli, Italian Centre Shop Ltd.
  • Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) J. Shan, President, CEO & Chief Scientific Officer, CV Technologies
  • Lori-Ann Muenzer, Cyclist, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Autumn Murphy, Heritage Harley
  • Shirley Tripp, Millbourne Maytag Laundromat


  • Barb Tarbox, (terminal cancer)
  • Jennifer Levitt, owner, Blu’s clothing store
  • Kathleen Quinn, Executive Director, Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton or PAAFE
  • Major Laurelle Callaghan, Chaplain, Edmonton Garrison
  • Marjorie O’Connor, Fitness Professional
  • Hayley Grundy, student activist
  • Judy Harcourt, Rotary District Governor and President/GM of Harcourt & Associates
  • Iris Saunders, Employabilities
  • Dr. Glenda Hanna, Youthsafe Outdoors
  • Linda MacPhee, MacPhee Workshop
  • Carol Gilfillan, Success by Six
  • Dr. Helen Hays, Pain specialist


  • Dr. Debi Zimmermann, veterinarian
  • Vivian Manasc, Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.
  • Sister Mary Helena Sproul, President of the Franciscan Sisters Benevolent Society
  • Michele Raynor, Executive Director: Friends of the U of A Hospital and Susan Pointe, Art Advisor: Artists on the Ward
  • Gail Barrington-Moss, Director of the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival in St. Albert
  • Faye West, Director, Information Systems, Alberta Research Council
  • Pamela Strand, President & CEO of Shear Minerals Ltd.
  • (Betty Carlson, Giselle MacMillan, Elexis Schloss and Debra Kerr) 4 Founders of Compassion House
  • Dr. Marilyn Hundleby, Coordinator of the Mind/Body Clinic, Department of Psychology, Cross Cancer Institute
  • Liz O’Neill, Executive Director, Big Sister & Big Brother Society of Edmonton & Area
  • Shannon Szabados, hockey player
  • Kim Mattice Wanat, founder of NUOVA (Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association) and U of A music teacher


  • Audrey Luft, President, Alberta, Manpower Services
  • Dr. Bonnie Abel and Elaine Degrandpre, founders of SARTE (sexual assault team)
    Monica Hughes children’s
  • NIL
  • The Honourable Thelma Chalifoux, Senator
  • Linda Wedman, Executive Director, Art & Design in Public Places Program
  • Joan Neilson, Camp He Ho Ha Director
  • Sheila O’Kelly, athlete, Executive Director of the organizing committee of the Triathlon World Championships
  • Elizabeth Martian, journeyman carpenter and Director “Women Building Futures Society”
  • Salma Rajwani, Partner, CompCanada Atlas
  • Charmaine Letourneau, Assistant Principal, Alberta School for the Deaf
  • Maren Ord, 21 year old singer
  • Ronna Jevne, Director of Programs & Research, and co-founder of the Hope Foundation of Alberta


  • Joan Tabak, nurse, Patient Care Coordinator of the Cystic Fibrosis and Pediatric Pulmonary Programs at the U of A Hospital
  • Claudette Tardif, Dean of Faculte Saint Jean
  • Kari Wisniewski, co-founder (with husband) of the Tien Lung Taekwon-do School
  • Zandra Bell, Comedian, At Wit’s End
  • Linda Baggaley, Auctioneer, Bud Haynes & Co. Auctioneers
  • Isabel Bernete, Co-founder and Co-owner of PC Corp Group of Companies
  • Margaret Mardirossian, Anaid Productions (filmmaker)
  • Linda Laliberte, Mother Bear Consulting Inc.
  • Deborah Grey, Deputy Leader, Reform Party of Canada
  • Dr. Mary Beth Bowen-Yacyshyn, medical researcher, U of A
  • Barbara Anne Paterson, sculptor (Famous Five)
  • Marjorie Bencz, Edmonton Food Bank Director


  • Mary Cameron, President and CEO, WCB
  • Colleen Ring and Debbie Riopel, Random Acts of Kindness
  • Judy Schultz, The Edmonton Journal
  • Kim Novak, Toscana International Fragrances Inc.
  • Marie Casey-Wells, Director, Casey’s Dance Centre
  • Joanne Currah and Jane Felling, owners, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks
  • Heather Airth, Founder, Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society
  • Lil Roszko, GM Roszko Farm Equipment Ltd.
  • Eunice Scarfe, (writer)
  • Donna James, Chair of the Alberta Chapter, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Dianne Greenough, teacher & Cheerleading coach, Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts and Edmonton Eskimos
  • Elizabeth Marsh, owner of Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd.


  • Susan Burghardt, Principal, Centre High at the Boardwalk
  • Sharlene Thomas, Artistic Director, Movements, The Afro-Caribbean Dance Ensemble
  • Margaret-Ann Armour, Professor of Chemistry, University of Alberta
  • Leona Makokis, President, Blue Quills First Nations College
  • Ruth Kelly, Publisher and Editor, Alberta Venture Magazine
  • Christy and Carlee Panylyk, C & C Creations
  • Sandy Jacobson, (marathon runner)
  • Judy Unwin, (theatre volunteer)
  • Dr. Maureen Fenson, Lieutenant Colonel, 1 Field Ambulance
  • Anne Smith, United Way President
  • Del Dilke, Del’s on 9th
  • Eloise Leckie, (realtor, advocate against drunk driving)


  • Louise Miller, founder, Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre Society
  • Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology
  • Diane Kyle-Buchanan, Union Bank Inn
  • Nadja Piatka, President, Three Blondes and a Brownie
  • Kim Fraser, President, We Care Home Health Services
  • June MacDonald, (Very Ill) former President of Jr. Achievement of Northern Alberta and the NWT
  • NIL
  • Candice Stasynec, Director, City of Edmonton, Central District and River Valley (profiled when she was Manager, Commonwealth Stadium Enterprises)
  • Ezster Simon-Berci, Architect, The Cohos Evamy Partners (Winspear)
  • Kelly Semple, owner of South Paw Outfitters & Whitetail Ranch
  • Phillis Arnold, President, Arnold Publishing
  • Laurie EislerCoach, U of A Pandas
  • Anne McLellan, Federal Minister of Justice


  • Eveline Charles, Eveline Charles Salons. Spas
  • Jan Miller, National Screen Institute (moved to NS)
  • Dr. Dasha Goody, founder, Edmonton Musical Theatre (deceased)
  • Janet Riopel, Treyl Consulting
  • Kathy Klaus, President, Educo International (kid games manufacturer)
  • Jean Pare, Company’s Coming Publishing Ltd.
  • Kennedy Jenson, (singer)
  • Rose McAllister, LPGA Co-Chair, 1996 du Maurier Classic and owner of Proaxion Inc. (accountant)
  • Marcy Hett, Director, Fashion Program, Marvel College
  • Jennifer Wood, President/CEO of Edmonton Stockyards Inc. and GM of Weiller & Williams Ltd.
  • Hope Hunter, Director, Boyle Street Co-op
  • Lois Hole, Hole’s Greenhouses


  • Jan Fox Warden, Edmonton Institution for Women
  • Gail Hall owner, Gourmet Goodies (caterer)
  • Laura Vinson, The Ben Calf Robe Society (musician)
  • Diana Goldie, lawyer, First Street Law Office
  • Judy Lawrence, Fringe Theatre Adventures (moved to Calgary – on W of V board there)
  • Deidre Hackman, Concrete Clothiers (designer)
  • Dr. Ellie Prepas, University of Alberta, Sustainable Forest Management (professor/researcher)
  • Penny McKee, Edmonton Public Libraries (deceased)
  • Era Rowles, Rowles & Company Ltd. (art gallery owner)